gabi is borne out of the need to help business owners realise the full potential of data they are already collecting but are underutilising.

A common problem we have observed in the last few years is that too many Kiwi small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are failing to leverage their online presence as well as they could. We discovered that the main contributors to this were a combination of bad advice when initially building their online presence and the lack of skill to recognise key growth opportunities once established. gabi strives to resolve both of these issues as much as possible, but concentrates on delivery of Business Intelligence sourced from Google Analytics – hence: google analytics business intelligence – gabi.

We leverage what already exists, or help you implement systems to grow a reliable and meaningful data source.

Most business owners already have a great understanding of their market. gabi combines this rich background with data discovery to enable clear and realistic goal-setting, establishment of team KPIs and logical and understandable demonstration of the status quo. Only by fully understanding the digital landscape can business owners and managers determine the right direction for growth.

gabi is a division of SearchFoundation, one of New Zealand’s newest search engine marketing agencies. But while the brand is new, the people behind it are not. Directed by Perry Bernard, SearchFoundation, and now, gabi, are two key elements being developed by Perry to support SMEs looking for a better understanding of their digital markets.

Perry has been a leading search marketer in New Zealand since 2013, helping elevate the organic presence of many businesses large and small. Perry has been notable in the SEM industry for sharing his industry knowledge freely via extensive projects such as Cranked SEO (crankedseo.com). His original SEO-related website is one that continues to dominate organic search for industry terms and has been page 1 ranked in Google for the last 4 continuous years.